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Denise Maxwell RDN CD




health coach

& culinary


Denise Maxwell is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, health coach, and classically trained chef.


She has over 12 years combined experience in wellness; health coaching and nutritional counseling; food product and recipe development; and both personal chef and residential event catering services. Denise is on a mission to utilize her passion for health and cooking paired with her credentials and vast experience to teach others that healthy eating really can be enjoyable!


Denise has extensive experience working in various health care settings helping her clients with disease management and prevention, both weight loss and building muscle as well as managing food allergies and disorders. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds -- from those looking to learn the basics of creating healthy and sustainable habits on up to high level athletes looking to improve performance. She is a long-time competitive athlete herself as a National level figure competitor as well as a local CrossFit competitor and all around lover of any activities that push the body and mind to the next level! She truly understands first hand how nutrition can influence your daily energy, mood, self confidence and athletic performance. She looks forward to collaborating with you to achieve your individual health goals and finding balance for a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle!

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