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Client Testimonials

Nothing is more satisfying than sharing our passion for health, wellness and delicious food with others! Please read below to see what our clients have to say about their experience with Divine Crumb. 

“ Denise came into my life at the perfect time. Having tried many diet plans and losing weight several times only to gain it all back and then some, Denise provided me with more of a lifestyle change than just a food plan. She tailored a meal plan with healthy food choices that I enjoy eating and gave me just enough options to keep it interesting. The main things I took away from our consultation was how to time my eating, how much to eat, and to drink plenty of water. Not only did she give me that initial push I needed, but she stayed with me by touching base each week and answering all my questions! In other words, she held me accountable. She would troubleshoot my problem areas and give me food options along the way including delicious recipes! I've learned what to look for on labels, where to shop for certain food items, and how to float certain snack options to give optimal energy for my morning workouts. I also LOVE that my kids and hubby are eating so healthy! Denise has transformed my whole family! I also love Denise's simple philosophy. When I slipped up or had a few bad days, she would tell me to get back on track for the next meal. No need to beat myself up or continue to derail all my progress. It's truly about planning ahead a little and sticking to it with a lot of support from a great dietician!
I also highly recommend Denise's nutty blendz and homemade protein muffins. These items are the perfect solution to staying on track and are truly satisfying and delicious. Denise also came through for me for an event our family hosted. I loved having so many delicious and healthy food choices to offer our guests. Her display dishes and food signs were the perfect touch. Did I mention I've lost 24lbs under Denise's guidance? Why wait? Call Denise!”

Mary C. | Federal Way, WA

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