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Seasonal Specials for Spring

Lemon Coconut Paleo Squares








$36/dozen (local delivery only in the greater Seattle area)


If you are in search of a healthy and delicious sweet treat these delightful bites are calling your name! They are hand made with LOVE using organic lemons, local honey, almonds, pecans and dates and contain no grain based items. They are a satisfying treat you do not have to feel guilty about or worry about them upsetting your tummy from processed ingredients. They are packed with healthy fats, a touch of protein and contain only a moderate amount of sugar (from honey) compared to similar commercial products. These make an elegant special occasion item for sharing with your guests OR keep them all to yourself and enjoy when you have a hankering for a little indulgence. Refrigeration and/or freezing required. These are available for a limited time only through mid June!


**...and yes, they are Gluten Free!**



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