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One dozen per order: A signature item, created to provide you with an optimal nutritional balance of carbs, protein and healthy fat for an on the go snack or breakfast! They are GLUTEN FREE, contain no added sugar or artifical sweeteners and are naturally sweetened with fruit and stevia. We intentionally designed these freshly baked muffins to provide a 30/30/40 ratio of carbs/protein/healthy fats. They are packed with nutrient dense, wholesome ingredients to provide you with a satisfying and delicious treat without the guilt! Each muffin is slightly larger than a standard size muffin and weighs approximately 3.5oz. Macros per each muffin: 15g Protein/ 16g Carbohydrate/ 9g Fat

*We recommend immediate refrigeration or freezing upon delivery to maintain optimal freshness, there are no preservatives... just good for you ingredients and lots of love! At this time these are available via local delivery only due to perishability.

BUNZ Protein Muffins: Chocolate Banana Coconut

  • Ingredients: Greek yogurt (grade A pasteurized skimmed milk, live active cultures), eggs, organic bananas, organic zucchini, gluten free oats, whey protein (whey protein isolate, natural cocoa powder, natural flavor, xanthan gum, stevia), sweet potatoes, organic coconut oil, dates, coconut, coconut flour, cocoa powder, cocoa beans, natural flavors, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, stevia, espresso powder


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