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One dozen Truffles per box: These limited edition indulgent bites are handmade with LOVE using our signature Nutty Blendz Almond Cashew + Salted Caramel Butter, a touch of natural sweetness + whey protein and dusted in toasted coconut for a decadent yet healthy treat! They are low in sugar and provide a combination of healthy fats and a touch of protein to create a satisfying sweet without the guilt. Treat yourself or your loved ones to this delicious treat for the holiday season! 

*Truffles are now available for delivery via nationwide shipping, see shipping costs for details. Local Delivery is free for all orders totaling $60 and over in the Seattle/Eastside area or the Tumwater/Olympia area. Email with any questions.

Almond Cashew + Salted Caramel Coconut Protein Truffles



    *gluten free

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